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Rip off London

Do you not think it’s about time we all protested about all the price increases being incurred upon us. why doesn’t the government lower taxes on fuel to ease the burden on us,what about all those thousands of delivery drivers across the country, all the extra fuel increase comes back to us when we do [...]


Who is killing the cab trade?

Hi there,as you see from the title of this piece I want to know who is killing the cab trade.
Whatever trade paper you pick up there is always someone telling us the trade is dying. The reasons given vary from Ken Livingston’s exhaust reforms through to LTI’s inability to make a decent cab and on [...]


Me and my big mouth

You thought I would have learnt over the years that if things are going alright I should keep my big mouth shut. There I was last Monday telling you all that the cab was running great and I had taken decent money for a January.
So on Tuesday when I got in the cab to go [...]


Another year over

I don’t know about you but the build up to Christmas wasn’t that brilliant , apart from one week where I managed to earn 20% more. There were days when I took even less then normal, can’t really complain though I had a good year. I went to work on the 23/12/ 07 and that was [...]


Glad to be back?

Happy new year to you all,hopefully it wont be as bad as they all say it will.
Well its the first day back for me and it wasn,t as quiet as it could have been. I started off with a couple of decent account jobs and then a quick city airport all on tariff 3. Then stopped for a [...]

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