Good days, bad days

Hi everyone hope you are all well.

Everyone ready for christmas? I am,only the pressies to buy, the shopping to do and the decorations left to put up,other than that its all done.

The title of this piece of Del Boy wisdom is good days bad days so I’ll start with a couple of good day stories.

The other day I was going into the Melia White House,about 5.30 am,to use the facilities .

As I got to the door a spanish fella stopped me and asked if I was for hire,sure I said where to? He then said he wanted to go to Stanstead but we would have to wait for his friend to get the car.

I thought I had misheard him and asked him to explain.

He then told me that he and his friend had hired a car from stanstead airport when they had arrived a couple of days previous and just followed the signs to london .Then they spent the next couple of days doing  whatever they had come to town to do but couldn’t find the way back to stanstead so decided to ask me for help.

Well I first thought that they wanted me to give them directions but they said they had tried that the previous night and had got lost. So I offered to show them the way to the M11 and then all they would have to do was follow the signs but they insisted it was follow me to the airport or nothing.

So off we set, me leading,one spanish chap in the back and the other sticking to my bumper like a tenner to Steves wallet.

We got to stansted,parked the car with the hire company and dropped them at the terminal,all before 7 am.

All in all a good and quite profitable day.

Good days for some aren’t always good days for others though,take last Friday for instance. I started  around midnight and got a couple of good jobs off the radio one after the other then a decent job or two off the street.

I feel I should explain at this point that on fridays I try to take my two sons out for breakfast and then have an early day,so when about 5am I was offered a cash job on the radio from Muswell Hill to city airport I thought that would see me done and I could pick the boys up at 7 no problems.

I got to the pick up with 10 mins to spare and got control to do a ringout.The customer was out almost straight away and off we go. As we were going along the customer was chatting away about this and that and was saying how he was looking forward to flying from city airport as it was his first time from there and it saved him getting up earlier to go all the way to heathrow.

We made good time and arrived with time to spare till check in. As we got to the set down point the customer asked me if I knew where terminal 3 was or were they all in the same building.

Terminal 3 ,are you sure you aren’t meant to be at heathrow I asked ?

He looked at his ticket and sure enough it said LHR outbound and city airport inbound.

Now we have all heard stories about people who make hugh errors like gooseing the mother in law or getting into bed with the father in law after too many glasses of wine and a late night trip to the lav and we can imagine the look of horror on said mother in law and father in laws faces. Well this guys face was worse.

It was total panic.

So about turn and head for Heathrow,the customer is on the phone to the airline  and asks me if we can make LAP in 40 mins! I wont say what my reply was but it involved Michael Schumaker,Damon Hill and Lewis Hamiltons names being taken in vain.

So to plan B. I would drop him at Aldgate station and he would try to get to the heathrow express.

10 mins later he was safley dropped at aldgate and I was paid off. As he ran into the station I turned on the radio and heard LBC announce that the heathrow express was not running! But I thought better of chasing him and telling him the bad news. But I had earned enough money to go and get the boys for an early breakfast so good day for me not so good for him.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this little delve into the life of Del Boy and all that is left to say is have a great christmas and a prosperous new year.

Cheers Del Boy

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