Archive for December, 2007


Good luck or Bad luck

My first job of the day went from Old street to Clerkenwell Road for the grand total of £2.60 pence and I got legalled off . She stood by the window for her £0.40 pence change. Five sixteen to seventeen year olds taking their friend for a birthday lunch, and they couldn’t be bothered to [...]


Good days, bad days

Hi everyone hope you are all well.
Everyone ready for christmas? I am,only the pressies to buy, the shopping to do and the decorations left to put up,other than that its all done.
The title of this piece of Del Boy wisdom is good days bad days so I’ll start with a couple of good day stories.
The [...]


Nuisance Mini cab drivers

As the traffic came to a halt in Bow Street Covent garden my punter got out of the cab, and another got in no problem my wheels were turning. I was just about to move off when a Merc mini cab driver decides to pull in front of me facing me, he was trying to [...]

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