Eurostar St Pancras opened at last on the 14th of November at a cost of £800 Million. I hope it’s worth it. You can now enter Pancras Rd from the Euston Rd, it saves going round the back up Goods Way, also to get to Midland Rd from Pancras Rd there’s a slip rd for Taxi’s only. Around the first 20 cabs on the rank won’t be able to leave the rank once on it because of segregation stopping you from leaving. So if your booked in on a radio job you’ll be stuck. Unfortunately Midland rd is only one way, It would be handy if thay made it two way from the head of the rank so we could turn back north if need be.

 London to Paris – 2 hours 15 mins

London to Brussels – 1hr 51 mins

London to Lille – 1hr 20 mins

St Pancras stn is a Great looking building even better when thay refurbish the rest of the building, apparently thay are going to have the hotel restored as well. It’s also nice to see other buildings in the area getting refurbished. The only problem is  traffic in the area I think thay will have problems getting cabs there especially when London gets gridlocked.Then again Waterloo was quite often a pain to get to.

St Pancras train station was designed by William Barlow in 1863 with construction commencing in 1866. The famous Barlow train shed arch spans 240 feet and is over 100 feet high at its apex. On its completion in 1868 it became the largest enclosed space in the world

let me know what you think.

Be lucky

One Response to “Eurostar”

  1. del boy says:

    Ahhh its a sad day, no more Eurostar at Waterloo.
    Won’t we all miss going underground with all the rats ,dropouts,druggies and the wounderful smell of pi*s.
    No more having to go round Addington street Circus and all the road works or trying to get off york road in to the drop off point made for 6 cabs.
    It’s sad day, NOT.
    Welcome to St Pancras Eurostar,I for one will be going to rank up there.
    Now if only they could do something for the underground toilet that is Euston.

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