Archive for November, 2007


Traffic in Taipei

I’m in Taiwan this week on a business trip. My meeting is only for 2 days but because of flight costs I ended up staying here for a week. The difference in flight costs was £2k more if I didn’t stay a Saturday night. So at least I get to look around the city.
I had [...]


A Little Ramble

Hello everybody. It’s me again!
I thought I’d ask your opinion on a few things, firstly “Job Protocol” otherwise known as p**s off leather arse, I saw him first.
The day after I got my badge I went to work for a few hours and then met up with Steve and a couple of his mates down [...]



Eurostar St Pancras opened at last on the 14th of November at a cost of £800 Million. I hope it’s worth it. You can now enter Pancras Rd from the Euston Rd, it saves going round the back up Goods Way, also to get to Midland Rd from Pancras Rd there’s a slip rd for Taxi’s only. Around the [...]

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