Kamikaze cyclist

I was driving down Farringdon street and had to stop at the traffic lights. The cyclist behind me decided not to stop ”typical.” The only problem was that I was in front of him and for some reason he didn’t want to go around me. His only other choice was to do an emergency stop, not a good idea as a cyclist, well you know what’s coming next, over the top he went, landed on the ground, workman were laughing their heads off, I must admit it did look comical. As quickly as he fell he got back on his bike a bit shaken and continued on his way. By the time I reached the next lights at Ludgate circus he caught up with me again this time he managed to stop properly, I asked if he was ok ? he said no problem mate not your fault.Well I was pleased to hear that. It makes a change for a cyclist to say that because most of the time they blame us . And of course we know most cyclists are not lawbreaker’s don’t we.

Be lucky.

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