All in a weeks work?

Hello to you all, just to introduce myself my name is Derek and I have been a cab driver for about 6 years now , does that sound like the start to an AA meeting?

I have known Steve for about 18 years or so now and when he said he was involved in this site I offered to write the odd piece for it and, knowing me,  it will be odd.

Since I have been driving a cab I have worked all sorts of different hours, days, nights, afternoons even weekends but realised that the time that suited me best was from early morning into the early afternoon.

That was untill Thames Water decided to dig up every road in the centre of town and I found myself sitting in traffic for most of the day. So I decided to go to work earlier, midnight to be precise, now all of you that work these hours will already know that the people that frequent our streets at these times are slightly different to those you meet during the day.

I had got used to the early morning city gent going to work at 5.30 after a heavy night on the ale and him being late to the office was my fault because I would not jump the red lights or turn left / right where there were no turns permitted, I could deal with him by turning up the radio or pretending not to notice the constant looking at his watch and just keep going till we get to his office or station. You know when he gets out you will be paid and you can go on with the day.

I had got used to the young lad or lass who had had too much fun the night before and had to go home to change before mum or dad got up and noticed they were not home.

What I had forgotten was to how to judge who you were stopping for, the young man wearing a nice suit that during the day would be going to a job interview in the city may be absolutely ratted and will probably fall asleep before giving you his address and will have forgotten the fact he has spent all his money in the pub trying to impress the girl from the office who left the pub with his best friend at the end of the night.

The nicely dressed young lady outside the bistro, who during the day would be going to a sales meeting, is actually a know it all whose dad and 17 brothers and uncles all drive cabs and THEY NEVER GO THIS WAY HOME.

Now I don’t want you all to think that I am just here to have a moan but in the last 3 weeks I have had a “nice” young man spit in my face because I had the nerve to ask him if he would pay me for takeing him home, a young lady that fell asleep as soon as the cab door was shut and then complained when we got to her house because we “went the long way” and an older lady,70 ish who looked every bit like your old granny, who when we got to her address told me she had lost all her pension at bingo and therefore couldn,t pay me but had a nice pair of t*ts if I would like to see them.

Now I have had some great customers as well like the gay couple who were bickering with each other all the way to Vauxhall station but kept up a constant banter with me acting as refferee then paid up no problem and walked off arm in arm as happy as can be and the 3 blokes that went out after getting a big contract for their company and had me in stitches telling me about their night out in the clubs around soho.

There are also the sad stories like the bloke who I picked up out side UCH at about 3.30 am. He was carrying a big bunch of flowers so I asked him if they were for someone special. His reply was that he had come up from Devon to see his mum who was in the hospital very ill. He arrived too late and she had passed away a little time before he got there but the security told him that there was nowhere for him to sit and wait so he was going back to Paddington to get the first train back home.

I know you all probably have stories like these and worse but it is funny to see the different sides of the day after you have got into your own prefered routine and as i said in the title to this piece it really is all in a weeks work.

I hope you liked this item and found it interesting, if you did please let me know and if you didn,t STEVE wrote it.

Cheers Del Boy

3 Responses to “All in a weeks work?”

  1. steve says:

    Derek it looks like you’ve had an interesting week. Now I know why you work nights
    I love your Blog, Hope you will write many more. Thank you. Steve.

    Ps Did she or didn’t she get her t*ts out.

  2. derek says:

    No Steve,fortunately for me,she didn,t.

  3. Errol says:

    Cor what a moaner this bloke is!……..lol

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