Traffic Wardens

The other week I had to drop the wife at the shops in Ilford. It was early Sunday morning but there was no where to park so I stopped outside the Ilford Town Hall. It was a double yellow, in front of some gates that said strictly no parking but it was still early on a Sunday and besides what council works on a Sunday. The wife got out and did her stuff so I waited in the car for her to come back.

I spotted some traffic wardens and of course I know I am in the wrong parking where I am so I got out and said am I ok here for a few minutes. The guy said yeah no problem mate.

When I got back in the car he takes out his note book and starts eying up my reg. When he gets out his pen I though ok let me double check to make sure I really am ok here. So I got out again and walked over and asked you sure I am ok here for a few minutes, I know it’s a yellow but I am just waiting for the wife to come back. He replied no problem mate your fine.

When I get back in the car he’s still looking at my reg, occasionally glancing up and continuing to write.

I move the car, as I didn’t trust him. Probably would have walked up and ticketed me despite saying it was fine.

Cheers for the suggestion Del, as soon as Steve’s cheque clears I get 5 minutes I will see what I can do.Well its good to be back, I was in Tokyo  for a week so have been silent for a bit. Have some random stuff about their taxi’s that I will write up when I get a second.

But until then I was looking over Steve’s post and the comment from Del Boy and it reminded me of something.

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