Back of the cab

Kings Cross to being cross

Sometimes you pick up a fare and you just know it’s going to go wrong.

I picked up this woman from Kings Cross station and she asked to go to Sussex Way. She even tells me it’s in N7. I didn’t know there was a Sussex Way in N7 so I did a check on the computers A to Z to be sure and it came up with N19 instead not N7. She told me it was of off the Holloway Rd so I said well it has to be the one in N19 and she said if you think it is right then lets go. – fair enough.

In the meantime she made a phone call, I can only guess to the person that we were going to, because while on the phone her friend confirmed it was the right address so we carried on.

I though it was a bit of hassle but she’s paying so no problems. By this time I was already on Seven Sisters Rd, then I turned into Stroud Green Rd after about three hundred meters she decides that she needs a cash machine. I said you’ve left it a bit late to tell me that so I did a u turn and back to the junction of Seven Sisters Rd and found her a machine. She asked me how much the fare would be so I said around 20 pounds.

When back in the cab I did another u turn back up Stroud Green Rd, then turned into Fairbridge Rd. when she said I’m not sure you’re going the right way. I’m a bit confused a this point because earlier she had no idea where she was going, so I said do you know where you are she said no. I said how then can you say that I’m not going the right way. In the nicest possible way I said look lady it took me two and a half years to learn the streets of London, I am not out here playing games with you when you ask me to take you somewhere I’ll take you there.

A couple more yards along the road and I was at the junction of Sussex way, so I pulled over and said now do you know where you are she said no. I said this is where you asked me to take you. She said I’m from the north I don’t know where we are. So I said well you better get out and look. She asked how much was the fare I said £ 21.80 which was on the meter, so she gave me two scruffy ten pound notes and said that’s all I’ve got.

Nice, she’d just taken money out of the ATM, gave me the runaround, and she’s still managed to short change me.

Punters eh, who is your worse pick up?

Be lucky.

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