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Kamikaze cyclist

I was driving down Farringdon street and had to stop at the traffic lights. The cyclist behind me decided not to stop ”typical.” The only problem was that I was in front of him and for some reason he didn’t want to go around me. His only other choice was to do an emergency stop, [...]


All in a weeks work?

Hello to you all, just to introduce myself my name is Derek and I have been a cab driver for about 6 years now , does that sound like the start to an AA meeting?
I have known Steve for about 18 years or so now and when he said he was involved in this site [...]


Carefree driving

While driving down the Marylebone Road I was driving behind a car with no lights on. I flashed him no response flashed him again still no response when I eventuality caught up with him at a set of traffic lights he was on the phone,” not hands free”, silly man, and totally oblivious to what [...]


A comment on Ken’s scheme

How do you feel about Ken Livingstone’s scheme to get more ethnic minority and women drivers on the road as cabbies? It seems to me that its a sensible and fair idea but I’m not in favour of having the council pay out in favour of ethnic minorities over any one that needs assistance with [...]


Last word on Tokyo

As I mentioned before, last week I spent the week in Tokyo. What I love about Japan is they way they have embraced technology in absolutely everything. When we arrived at Narita airport we were faced with the task of getting to central Tokyo. A cab was out the question as it’s a good [...]


Traffic Wardens

The other week I had to drop the wife at the shops in Ilford. It was early Sunday morning but there was no where to park so I stopped outside the Ilford Town Hall. It was a double yellow, in front of some gates that said strictly no parking but it was still early on [...]


Kings Cross to being cross

Sometimes you pick up a fare and you just know it’s going to go wrong.
I picked up this woman from Kings Cross station and she asked to go to Sussex Way. She even tells me it’s in N7. I didn’t know there was a Sussex Way in N7 so I did a check on the [...]

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