Mobile cameras

While I was waiting outside Fenwicks New Bond Street, one of those CCTV smart cars arrived and parked straight in front of me. I didn’t notice straight away as I was happly reading a book while waiting for my punter, but as far as I could tell he was only there a few moments filming me ready to issue me a ticket.

Lucky for me my punter arrived seconds later so I moved off. When I did move he moved to the next car, who probably wasn’t as lucky.


This is what the mobile CCTV cars look like

You would think thay had enough cameras with out the use of mobile ones as well.

Tell me what you think about all these CCTV cameras in Westminster & Camden.

Be lucky.

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  1. Del Boy says:

    Hi Steve these cameras are a joke,perhaps you should have a place on the site to put a list of council piggy banks,sorry I mean enforcement cameras.
    I’ll start you off with one.
    Grays Inn Rd outside of the costcutter store just before the jcn with Euston Rd and York Way
    I dropped off there on sept 13 at around 2.30 am and got a pcn for stopping on a red route £60 to let some one out. It takes the mickey.
    Anyway enough moaning for today.
    Cheers Del Boy

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