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All in a days work

I picked up a young Lady in the city going to city airport on a pre-booked job.  she said she wanted to go to Kensington not the airport as she had forgotten her passport. As you can imagine she was getting worked up about missing her flight. When I pulled away I asked her what time her flight was she said she had to be there by 18.50. It’s now 17.20 so you can imagine what the traffic is like in the city at that time.

Rather than drive to Kensington we decided to see if there was anyone at the flat that could courier the passport to us at the airport, we had a stoke of luck with that as the porter had a flat key. Good news was the porter was able to get the passport, so we circled Aldgate and called 118 118 for a courier. Can you imagine not one courier wanted the job claiming they were to busy.( Those 118 guys are always running around the place, would have been handy if one of them had got of their fat arse and ran down and colleted it), but I digress.

Realising that she wasn’t going to make the flight the water works started up.

After 4 laps of Aldgate she wanted to go home and gave the boyfriend a call. Apparently she was going to

Europe somewhere to meet the inlaws for the first time and they had laid on a big party for her and she had brought them all presents.

Anyway by the time I got her home she was a bit calmer and gave me a nice tip for all the help.

Whenever I watch those airline programs on the TV I always feel sorry for the guys that arrive at the airport and realise they forgot their passports. Its even worse when you have one in the back of the cab. I don’t however feel sorry for the muppets that arrive at the airport late and scream at the checkin staff because they missed their flight.

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  1. Errol says:

    From the city to Kensington, and then on to City airport, and all in 90 mins!……You could have done it with time to spare……..cos I’ve seen you drive!!!!!………lol

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