Pimp my ride

If you’re ever in Amsterdam looking for a taxi you might get lucky and hail what is probably world’s coolest taxi. The Disco Taxi.


Driven by Maroni Sonelli, passengers looking for a simple ride to the airport or any other destination around the city are treated to neon lights and glitter balls flashing all around the cab during the journey. The taxi also has a fully functional karaoke machine fitted so you can sing along to your favourite tunes during the journey.

If you’re not up to singing, no problem Maroni is happy to sing along to any of his 7,000+ songs and will perform for you during the journey.

Most people pre book the disco taxi for around €30 for a 30 minute trip either for pleasure trips around the city, but Maroni also works the streets picking up unsuspecting travellers. A couple of friends of mine hailed him a while a back purely by chance and they loved it.

Take a look here for more info on the disco cab.

Would you pimp your cab to turn it into a mobile disco? How do you think Londoners would react to a similar idea?

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