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What if?

What do you do when your punter doesn’t know where he is going. They know the name of a hotel but you don’t know it?

I’m in Prague today and I went out with a group of people, I’d had a skin full the night before so after I’d did my stuff I wasn’t keen to go out drinking.

I knew getting a taxi back to the hotel was going to be a challenge as its in the suburbs, even the driver I took from the airport had to stop and ask some locals where the hotel was. This driver was no different, I don’t speak Chezk and my driver didn’t speak much English.

I knew I should have left the hotel with something to help me get back but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

As soon as we set off I knew we weren’t going to the right place so I checked my wallet and found a bar receipt from the hotel which had an address on. When I showed the driver we swung around and drove in the opposite direction. Things still didn’t look right, too much motorway. Anyway eventually we arrive at the address and it’s the wrong hotel. It was even the wrong name, the hotel happens to be part of a chain of hotels and the address on the receipt was their head office not the hotel where I was staying.

So the driver gets on the radio and gets the address and turns off the meter.

Eventually we get to the right place and he all apologetic and only charges me the metered fair, ie the cost to other hotel and not for the continued journey.

What would you have done? Would you have turned off the meter or charge the punter for the full fare? Who fault was it mine for not knowing the address and giving him the receipt with the wrong address or his for not checking the address with his controller?

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