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In the UK we work hard to ensure the public are given a world class taxi service. I think that it’s fair to say that we have the best cabs in the world and we operate to the strictest guidelines. Certainly tourists view the UK taxi service as the best.

In the USA the ability to speak English is optional as is having any kind of idea about the city you work in. You can arrive straight off a plane knowing only a few words of English. “me cab, I drive, you give me money”. Is normally enough to get yourself a job driving a yellow cab in many of the major cities. After a swift test (a trip around the block to ensure you can find you way back to base) you get your licence and are ready to be loose on the unsuspecting public.

I have hear stories about people visiting San Diego and hailing a taxi and asking for the zoo and the driver not being able to find it. San Diego has the world’s largest zoo, its big, you have to be special not be able to find it. It’s like picking up a customer at Victoria and not knowing how to find Buckingham Palace

Come think of it being able to count is also optional extra, many a time have I been in a US cab and being given change back based on how much the driver felt he could get a way with.

I’m not saying that that doesn’t happen here, I am sure there are unscrupulous drivers about who rub there hands with glee when a tourist gets in the back of the cab. But at least in the UK the public are more protected from these cowboys.

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  1. Lester says:

    I’ve been robbed more times than I care to remember by taxi drivers in the US. It depends which part of the US you go to but its fair to say that a lot of drivers don’t speak English. Floria was the worst.

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