On the road

My day started picking up from the highway and going to Homerton, bugger not a good start to the day as I now have to fight my way back through Friday afternoons traffic back to the centre of London.

On the way back I picked up a young Lady from Kings Cross Station and she wanted to go to Godfrey st Chelsea. I was aproaching Seymor Place along the Marylebone Rd when she started to cry. She said I’m sorry but my sister had a bad accident here on Monday night. She was in the back of a mini cab when a bus jumped the red light and drove straight into the car. Her sister ended up the worst for it as the bus drove into the rear end of the car.

She had to have several stiches to her forehead and was in a bad way. Lucky to be alive, her driver had only a few scratches.

Look out for buses and be lucky.

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